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All trout fishing permits are issued on the understanding that the bearer agrees to comply with the Fishery Rules detailed below and with the fishery bylaws of the Environment Agency North West Region. All anglers must purchase a permit BEFORE commencing fishing and must be in possession of a current Environment Agency rod license. Please note that for trout fishing ONLY ONE ROD may be in use at any one time. Permits are valid for the dates shown on the permit and are not transferable. Two rods may be used per permit from 1st November to 28th February only.

1. Trout fishing is permitted from sunrise until sunset. Night fishing is strictly prohibited. The fishery office is open from 9am daily. Bank anglers who wish to start fishing before 9am may do so providing they post the permit fee together with their name and address at the fishery office before starting to fish and return to collect their permits at 9am. Pre-booked boats are available before 9am.
2. This fishery is zoned. The northern zone is strictly fly-fishing only from boats, though any method anglers may fish from the shore throughout the year.
3. Boat fishing on competition days is from free drifting boats only. Anglers are welcome to use drogues. Please observe good practice on the water, avoid cutting across another boats drift and allow at least 50 yds distance from other boats and bank anglers.
4. Boats may fish at anchor only in the southern zone.
5. Trolling lures or flies from moving boats is not permitted.
6. Any Method permit holders may fish with a fly, spinner, and worm from the shore.
  They are restricted to the any method zone if they are any method fishing from a boat. The use of loose feeding ground bait and the use of maggots and trout pellets and power bait are strictly forbidden.
7. Fly fishing permit holders may fish anywhere from a boat or from the shore. However propeller vained flies or rubber tailed waggler type patterns may not be used in the fly only zone.
8. Bag limits are specified on each permit and are not transferable between anglers. Anglers may continue to fish on a catch and release basis once their limit has been taken. Please use barbless or debarbed hooks and please make every effort to minimize stress and injury to released fish. Anglers may purchase a second permit if they wish to continue to retain fish, which must be purchased before exceeding the bag limit.
9. Bank anglers should keep as close to the water's edge as possible, avoid damage to fences, walls and growing crops and disturbance to livestock and should ensure that non-fishing companions do likewise. Dogs are not permitted on the fishery. Please take your litter home and do not discard waste nylon.
10. All permit holders must complete a catch return and post it in the returns box by the shop.
11. When spinning for trout, anglers may only employ spinners that are no larger than 5cm.
12. Failure to comply with any of the fishery rules renders this permit void and may place the holder at risk of prosecution.



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